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White Tea & Thyme Reed Diffuser

White Tea & Thyme Reed Diffuser

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Our 200ml, vegan-friendly reed diffusers, will give you roughly 4 months of stunning fragrance. Sold with 10 black reed sticks, and a choice of a Black, Gold or Silver glass cap.

We recommend rotating your reed sticks every other day to get the strongest scent throw

Scent details: White Tea & Thyme is an uber clean, herbaceous, spa-esque blend of thyme, coriander and cucumber, perfectly balanced with violet, rose and jasmine, nestled on a dry down of light musk. This is a luxurious and complex white tea scent that deserves to be in your scent collection.

 Did you know we do Diffuser Refills now?

*Please note due to the natural colouring of fragrance oil, the liquid inside the diffuser may be yellow in colour, this is completely normal. For the purposes of the product photos, the diffuser bottle was shot empty.
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